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3 Top Tips for keeping your bag looking as good as the day you got her!


1. Protect your bag/wallet with a leather conditioner and treat her every 6 months to prevent the leather from drying out. (A great leather conditioner we recommend is Warpoo Zorbel Leather Conditioner - available here or at a shoe repair place near you!)


2. Store your bag/wallet in a dust bag when not in use and always keep her out of direct sunlight.  This will stop the leather drying out and fading. (We include our Triangle Bag for this exact purpose!  However any cotton bag will do the trick!)


3. As soon as you notice a mark on the leather - clean it! The longer you leave the mark the stain will set into the leather making it harder to remove. 

 Head to our blog on How to clean your leather bag or direct to our Instagram Video.

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