A question we're often asked is: Do you have any stockists near me? 

The short answer is: No.  We don't have any stockists near you.  But also, yes.  We stock everyone, all over the world, individually.  Whatever you want, it's just a click or two away :-)


Ok, so where/how can I buy a Harlequin Belle piece for myself?  


We sell all our pieces exclusively online and you can buy them right here, right now.


The advantages of this are:


  • By selling direct to our end customer we are able to ensure the quality of the piece you receive. We personally check each piece before it’s sent out to you so you can be assured that it won’t be faded by sitting on display for weeks and that it hasn’t been handled by countless anonymous browsers.  You pay for a brand new piece so why shouldn’t you get one?


  • We can avoid the seasonal demands of 'fast fashion' – your purchase won’t become ‘old’ and dumped en-mass cheaply just because the days are starting to get longer. We make pieces that are high quality and timeless – your enjoyment of them should continue with time and not be diminished by it.


  • Whilst goods of this quality can never be cheap, by keeping a direct relationship with the end user we are able to better control our prices and make it attainable to more people.


  • In the rare event that something is faulty you will get to deal directly with us. This invariably results in a better and faster resolution for you.



Don’t forget the following:


  • We offer FREE SHIPPING over $99 to most countries worldwide.
  • A generous 30 day returns policy.
  • Read some of the reviews left by other customers here or on the relevant individual products.
  • If you have any other questions you might like to read our FAQs or just get in touch with us here.


Heard enough?  Ok then: SHOP NOW!