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How to choose the perfect bag for you.

With so many beautiful choices out there, sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming to pick the perfect bag for you. 


Below are a few ideas to help you clarify your thoughts!


1. Is this bag for everyday? Or something for a special event? Or is there a style of bag I am missing from my wardrobe?


2. How do I like to wear my bag? Over the shoulder, across my body, on my back or hand carry?


3. What size do I need? Do I need to carry all the things, or just some essentials?


4. Colour? Do I have way too many black bags, do I need something more neutral? Maybe I need a pop of colour? Think about what you already have and maybe you need to fill a wardrobe gap?


Once you answer these questions, it should help you clarify what you are after.

Sometimes though, we just love a bag so much, it actually doesn't matter, we will make it work!!!

Always reach out if you are still having trouble deciding x 

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