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HB TIPS: How to remove watermarks from your leather bag.


If your bag somehow gets a little wet – perhaps your water bottle leaked or you dropped your bag in a puddle (yes, this has happened to me!) sometimes it can leave white lines where the water has dried.


Below is my best advice to help lessen and hopefully remove these marks entirely.


Firstly, use a soft smooth cloth and lightly dampen it with water only.  Massage the leather with the cloth in soft circular motions – do not rub.  Begin at the centre of the marks and work your way out.  Wait til the leather dries to see if marks are gone, this process may need to be repeated.


Always avoid using soaps or vinegar remedies to clean with as these can cause permanent damage to the leather.


Once you are happy with your bag, please use a leather conditioner to treat your leather as the water cleaning process will dry it out.  We recommend the Waproo Zorbel Leather Conditioner (available on our website as well as local shoe repair places).


All Harlequin Belle pieces are made with the highest quality raw materials and are lovingly handcrafted by our skilled artisans. 

Caring for your HB piece is an important part of sustaining its longevity!

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