Kellie's Nook


1. Leather Conditioner - It rubs the lotion on the bag.  It places the lotion on the shelf.

2. Hewlett Packard printer - so much better than even my neatest writing.

3. Full length mirror - perfect for self reflection.

4. Mood boards - ideas and inspiration for designs and collections.

5. 'I Dreamt I Fell Awake' look books - now a collectors item!

6. Desk hastily built by Andrew.  Structural integrity not at all guaranteed.

7. iPod speakers - Chumbawamba rarely gets played these days.  Note: rarely is not never.

8. Completely inadequate lighting - Who builds a room with no power points and just one wall sconce?

9. Macbook Pro - now retired.  We did some great work together macca, but it just couldn't last.  I'm with iMac now and we're very happy together.  We even have a little iPad.  Don't call, Macbook.  Don't make it weird.

10. View of the world outside - doubles as a good source of light!  Thanks for nothing, wall sconce.

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