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Harlequin Belle 5 star review 
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harlequin belle 5 star review Wanderlust Backpack Bag - Cement/Tan

(The Wanderlust Backpack - Cement/Tan)

Great service, love the bag, love the colour and so good to fit all my stuff (including my MacBook Air) and formal enough to use for work instead of a briefcase. Just wish I had waterproofed it more thoroughly, because someone flicked some oily lettuce and fetta on it when I was at a lunch, and now it has a stain. Wish also there was a darker colour that doesn’t mark as much, as I am one of those people who always spills stuff

-  Anonymous on 22 Feb 2017


harlequin belle 5 star review Awesome Quality

(The Wanderlust Backpack - Charcoal/Nude Canvas)

I like the fact you can use it as a handbag and backpack. I use this for work and it's durable and the design is eye catching

-  Delilah on 20 Feb 2017


harlequin belle 5 star review Superb

(The Wanderlust Backpack - Charcoal/Nude Canvas)

I have been travelling with this bag and find it fantastic!! Durable, attractive and easily converted to a back pack when you "run out of hands!!" Love it!!

-  Penny on 20 Feb 2017


harlequin belle 5 star review Wanderlust Backpack Purchase

(The Wanderlust Backpack - Smoke/Nude Canvas)

I had been watching this product for approximately 6 months and decided to purchase using "afterpay". I couldn't have been more pleased and impressed with the service and quality of product. I would absolutely purchase from you again.

-  Cherylyn on 07 Feb 2017


harlequin belle 5 star review Excellent

(The Wanderlust Backpack - Cement)

Excellent. It was such a streamline experience, speedy delivery. I really like on your website that you mention when a product is purchased and where from. Very clever. One thing I would have liked is to receive some care instructions for the leather - it is such a beautiful material and I want to keep it in excellent condition.

-  Anonymous on 03 Feb 2017


harlequin belle 5 star review Beautiful Quality Bag

(The Wanderlust Backpack - Storm)

Heading oversees today with my beautiful bag. the leather is so soft and the quality is spot on. Very happy with my purchase.

-  Tracey on 01 Feb 2017


harlequin belle 5 star review Very Good

(The Wanderlust Backpack - Storm)

Very good. My bag was delivered to where I live in regional WA relatively quickly. It is an absolutely beautiful bag. I love the style of the Wanderlust so much that I decided to buy a Canvas version as well.

-  Michelle on 31 Jan 2017


harlequin belle 5 star review All round excellent

(Wanderlust Backpack Bag - Storm/Tan Leather)

All round excellent

-  Anonymous on 19 Dec 2016


harlequin belle 5 star review In love

(Wanderlust Backpack Bag - Storm/Tan Leather)

I've been looking for a convertible backpack/bag for ages, so when I saw this I fell in love - it is so pleasing to look at, to use, to touch. Is the perfect size for carting everything I need in life, yet lightweight itself. Thank you for a great product!

-  Anonymous on 12 Dec 2016


 Love this bag!

(Wanderlust Backpack Bag - Smoke/Nude Canvas)

Love this bag! I have been singing it's praises to all my friends.

-  Anonymous on 23 Nov 2016


harlequin belle 5 star review My Wanderlust Backpack

(Wanderlust Backpack Bag - Storm/Tan Leather)

I love my Wanderlust backpack. I have been through many bags trying to find the right 'fit' for me and my random stuff and finally that search is over. Thanks Harlequin Belle.

-  Anonymous on 21 Nov 2016


harlequin belle 5 star review Fantastic customer service and quality product!

(Wanderlust Backpack Bag - Storm/Tan Leather)

Thank you, I love my bag- it's perfect for my everyday commute :)

-  Anonymous on 21 Nov 2016


harlequin belle 5 star review Beautiful Colour and Style

(Wanderlust Backpack Bag - Smoke/Nude Canvas)

I really love the concept of this bag. I am disappointed that I didn't get the full leather version. Although the smoke colour was my favourite, it is pricey for a canvas bag and I think if I had seen it in person first would have purchased the full leather version. Purchase and delivery process was very easy.

-  Anonymous on 14 Nov 2016


harlequin belle 5 star review QUALITY & STYLISH

(The Wanderlust Backpack Bag - Black)

This bag is made from the most beautiful, softest leather ever yet the straps are strong and sturdy! Great size for a backpack/handbag and works well as either. So well made and my lucky 3rd HB bag purchase. Quality & style all the way - love it!!!

Mish on 19 Jul 2016


harlequin belle 5 star review versatility in a bag

(The Wanderlust Backpack Bag – Midnight Blue)

Luv my lucious and soft midnight blue bag! Its so versatile: chuck it over my shoulder or put it on as a back pack (particularly useful when needing to hold the hands of my 3 year old boys whilst out and about). Stylish yet so practical! Highly recommended:)

Karen on 22 Sep 2015


harlequin belle 5 star review Bag #3

(The Wanderlust Backpack Bag – Midnight Blue/Tan)

This bag is a beautiful colour, equaled only by it's super soft feel and stylish, smart design. The third HB bag and wallet set in my collection, I cannot say enough about this beautiful brand. I love that the bags are unique and limited in production, numbered. I consider my bags to be an extension of my personality and I'm thrilled to share my love for HB bags with anyone who asks (and there have been many asking)!

Jen on 22 Sep 2015


harlequin belle 5 star review Bag obsession continues...

(The Wanderlust Backpack Bag – Grey/Tan)

This was the second bag in my collection along with a matching wallet from HB. The feel of the leather is unreal, absolutely stunning! This bag is fantastic for travel or around the city and I love the unique styling of HB. This bag has traveled with me internationally a couple of times and I am literally stopped on the street with compliments and am more than happy to tell anyone who asks about these amazing HB bags made in Melbourne, Australia!

Jen on 22 Sep 2015


harlequin belle 5 star review wanderlust wonderful

(The Wanderlust Backpack Bag – Black/Tan)

Recently traveled extensively in Europe with my wanderlust backpack. It held all of my essential items for hand luggage (such as book, lollies. spare nickers, toiletries, purse ect, ect). When going out at night it was turned into my classy handbag. Very versatile. It is comfortable to wear and I had lots of positive comments about my bag. LOVED it.

Lyn on 18 Sep 2015


harlequin belle 5 star review adore this bag!

(The Wanderlust Backpack Bag – Midnight Blue/Tan)

The materials are so soft, the construction is so sound, and it's really really beautiful. I love using this as a backpack for uni or work, when I have lots of materials, or just over the shoulder when I don't need so much. The design is unique and super practical. Love it!!

Claire on 15 Sep 2015


harlequin belle 5 star review Best bag ever

(The Wanderlust Backpack Bag – Black/Tan)

I purchased this bag when I had a toddler, walked a lot and rode my bike. It's very versatile over shoulder or backpack when riding bike/pushing pram. I always get comments about how stylish it is. Great amount of space and leather has worn really well. highly recommend!

Valetta on 15 Sep 2015