Get Involved

If you like Harlequin Belle and would like to help us keep doing what we love doing then there are a number of ways you can help with this:

* Keep buying our products - this is the best way to get involved as it helps us both.  You get a lovely new bag, wallet or pair of shoes and we get to continue designing and making beautiful leather accessories to share with you.

* Leave us a review - if you'd like to leave a review on a particular product, just go to that product's page and look for the review section just below the 'add to cart' button.

* Share with a friend - this can be done via Facebook, Instagram (tag your friends in one of our posts), Pinterest or perhaps best of all, in person.  Show off your new purchase next time you catch up with your friends and watch them fawn!

* Work for Harlequin Belle - If you think you have skills that we could use check out our jobs page for current opportunities.

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