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Wanderlust Backpack Bag - Midnight Blue [Seconds]

      • This is a "Perfectly Imperfect" piece.

        It is brand new, but doesn't quite meet our high quality expectations. 


        It may present one/some of the characteristics listed below:
      • + Marks/Scuffs/Scratches on leather

        + Sticky Tape residue

      •  + Uneven stitching

        + Stiff zip

        + Broken zip puller

        + Crooked label

        + Loose mushroom studs

      • This item is a Seconds Sale Product and cannot be returned or exchanged for any of the issues listed above.


Wanderlust Backpack Bag is a limited edition versatile bag that can be worn over the shoulder or as a backpack.

The main body of the bag is beautiful high quality soft leather with contrast dark tan leather handles. The leather handles can slide down through leather loops to change into a back pack. The bag has a full zip across the top and inside the bag is one main compartment with an inside zip up pocket and separate pocket for phone. The lining is made from 100% cotton and has a strong high quality canvas feel.

Perfect for every day.

W - 40cm

H - 52cm

This bag is strictly limited edition. A unique leather label is sewn into each one displaying its individual number.

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