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As many of you will appreciate, 2016 was a huge year.  Worldwide we saw many greatly significant events, including some of the more controversial happenings such as 'Brexit' and the (surprising to many) US election result.  2016 also saw the passing of many important people; the celebrities we all know of and whose great work had touched and inspired many but also many other wonderful humans who were equally important but whose names were not so widely known.  

It's important also to remember the multitude of positive things that took place in 2016 - The US banning oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic. The wild tiger population has started to increase for the first time since records have been kept which is great news for the species but maybe not so much for the villagers who live nearby.  Also, giant pandas have been taken off the endangered list, now we just need to make sure they stay clear of the tigers...  


We think it's a great idea to focus on the positive things that happened to us all on an individual level also. Celebrate the small victories we have day to day, share them with one another and show each other support.  You never know when your small act of encouragement will come at a time when that person really needs it - it could be life changing for both of you!  We would love for you to share your positive 2016 stories in the comments below.

Closer to home here at HB, 2016 saw us welcome thousands of new customers, grow our team further and extend our offering of beautiful products.  Harlequin Belle pieces are currently being enjoyed in at least 9 countries - not to mention the dozens more that our pieces have toured with their owners.  Of course there were many ups and downs but on the whole during 2016 we had far more ups and so we welcome 2017 with great optimism, hungry to sink our teeth into the opportunities as they arise.



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