May 09, 2017 2 min read

MAY 2017


What a crazy start to the year we've had here.  You may have noticed that we have been a bit quiet recently. Sorry about that, but we have been extra busy onboarding the newest member of the HB team. Beautiful baby Willow was born last month and we are already completely smitten with her. Thanks to everyone who took the time to get in touch and offer their congratulations, it was greatly appreciated. 

On a related topic, Mother's Day is coming up next week and after seeing what an amazing job Kellie did throughout the pregnancy and birth I think a dedicated day to appreciate all that mothers do for us is both welcome and inadequate. So don't forget to show some love for the mothers this Sunday, but maybe keep it up for the rest of the year too. They surely deserve it.

mother swan

Last month's interview with Dr Michelle LaRue had an amazing response. Who knew that Antarctica was such a must-see destination? Luna's February review of John Birmingham's novel drew the attention and reply of Mr Birmingham himself. Needless to say that Luna hasn't stopped talking about the fact that she and JB enjoy reading each other's work.

In other news, just last week the long suffering coffee machine here at HBHQ headed off to the great cafe in the sky - not really a surprise as ol' steamy was the without a doubt the hardest working member of the office. Anyway, since the (let's face it, overdue) demise we have had to make do with instant coffee supplemented with the occasional take away from our local cafe. If anyone has any tips of the best home/office espresso machine for our office they would be very welcome!

As always we welcome your feedback so don’t be shy to get involved by leaving comments below here or on any of our blog posts or send us an email to with anything that wanders through your head. 


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