March 2017

MARCH 2017


Wow!  March already.  The year has already started to slip away – Easter is just around the corner and we have eaten more than our share of hot cross buns and overpriced rabbit-shaped chocolate. 

We had an amazing response to the February Leaflet.  It seems that lots of people were interested in what Jennifer Nini had to say and are wanting to be more sustainable in their approach to life.  This could backfire, Jennifer, as your little off grid property in rural Queensland might start to get a little crowded!
This month I caught up with Dr Michelle LaRue who had many fascinating insights to share and brought my attention to a particular human impact on the environment that I hadn’t considered.  If you’d like to read some more then you can do so here.  I recommend you do – especially if you are someone who uses or has used supplements such as Omega 3 and fish oil.

Today (March 8th) is International Women's Day and in related news, one of our co-founders, Kellie, is due to give birth to a little girl any day now.  We at Harlequin Belle always seek to model diversity and inclusiveness in all that we do and as a soon-to-be father to a young girl I welcome the opportunity to raise a strong, independent young woman who will know that there is no place in our society that she is denied because of her gender.

Luna went missing for a few days recently while binging on her latest Netflix discovery, 30° In February.  She has made sure that we have all seen it now and I think we all agree with her assessment, although we have disagreed at times about who was our favourite character.
As always we welcome your feedback so don’t be shy to get involved by leaving comments below here or on any of our blog posts or hit us up via email with anything that wanders through your head. 


Have a great March everyone!


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