See ya 2015, you've been grand!

2015, what a fabulous year for so many reasons....
We welcomed our new full time staff member Andrew.
(Although would we really call this full time??!!)
We met lots of lovely new stockists and lovely new customers as well as visiting with some of our wonderful existing stockists.
We launched our Elements range and sold out of several items in mere days!!
We celebrated HB's 2nd Birthday, our little boys 3rd Birthday and ate ridiculous amounts of cake.
Had some great write ups, especially in Fashion Journal and Frankie Mag.


We had talented people fill our bags with beautiful things!  Thanks Winnies_Wonderland x
We drank absurd amounts of coffee.
Our products went on great adventures, that we were jealous of!!  Thanks Eco Haven x


We made this one dress up... a lot!!!
Bailey loves it, I am sure! He has such a great range!!


We grew some stuff... from scratch!


We had a lovely time at the farm for Christmas and presents were enjoyed by everyone!!


With lots of beach time in between.
Life is good.
Here's to 2016, may you be just as fabulous!!!





Kellie Sands
Kellie Sands


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