A/W 2015: Impressions

Hello again everyone!

It feels like I start everyone of these the same way so this time I didn’t want to start by telling you how busy it has been around HBHQ recently – So please see this photo of the coffee hopper and how depleted of productivity giving beans it is and draw your own conclusions!

The reason for the flurry of activity and hyper caffeination is the release of our new range.  We are thrilled to present to you all:

A/W 2015 – Impressions

We feel this is by far our strongest offering to date and we are beyond excited to finally be able to show it to you all.
Our pre sale discussions with beloved stockists all over Australia have left us amazed and humbled by the positive feedback and strong support. 
For this season we have included three brand new styles of shoe: The Laneway Laceup, The Dusk Low Heel and the Cloudstomp Boot (my personal favourite :) )

On the bag side of things we are genuinely excited to show you all our Downtown Bucket Bag – a full size, full leather, fully awesome carry all solution that will meet your needs should you be off to work, a days shopping or whatever you may have planned.

We have also included a fresh new Sidewalk Wallet – with detachable coin purse large enough to carry even an iPhone 6 Plus; I can’t believe how big phones are getting these days!!  Also introducing a gorgeous new pomegranate colour.

Anyway, I will finish up my inane ramblings there and leave you to browse through A/W 2015 Impressions at your leisure.  All items are now available to purchase directly via our website (with free shipping and returns) or from one of our family of stockists (see the stockist page on our website for details) or email us at hello@harlequinbelle.com and we will help you to find the one closest to you :)

xx HB xx

The summer wanes, we feel the rains
Then trees lose leaves possession.
Soon winter’s crisp and windy kiss
Will leave its own impression.



Kellie Sands
Kellie Sands


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