Lost and found, the run around...

Wow, it’s been a long time between updates.

We have been super busy getting our new Spring/Summer collection ready.  Last week we had our photo shoot, which went really well, and we can’t wait to show off the results!!!

It was a pretty interesting day to say the least.  It started off well when I lost the samples, the props, my computer…. Ok the whole car.  Yes that’s right I LOST the car…. I think my heart literally stopped.

I'd just ducked in to have a quick pre shoot ‘briefing’ [read: coffee and croissant] with a colleague before we started our super jam-packed full day photo shoot.  We were only in the café for 45mins and came out to find the car was not where I had parked it!!! That’s right it had vanished… You know when your brain can’t really comprehend what is going on? I was at the point where I stood in front of a silver car aiming my key button, uselessly willing it to open: My car is black.

The first thing I do is to call my knight in shining armour (my husband) to tell him I’ve lost the car.  Exactly six minutes later he calls me back to tell me he has found it… must be a new record. The car had been towed across town.  I guess I should pay more attention to the signs when I park...  The worst thing is, I like to think I am a great driver, never had a speeding ticket or parking ticket… there was a red light camera incident once, but that was a looong time ago...  Anyway, after a quick (for me) run (you may have seen us sprinting down Toorak road!!!) a painfully slow taxi ride and a massive jaw dropping bill, we were on our way again.  Certainly a morning of stress we could have done without!!!!  Anyway our photo shoot went fantastically and we worked like Speedy Gonzales to try and make up for lost time…




Stay tuned for Spring/Summer release dates and pre order info :)


 xx HB xx

Kellie Sands
Kellie Sands


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