May 09, 2017 2 min read

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passengers movie harlequin belle lunas review

I love the cinema, or at least I used to.  I fondly recall around 20 years ago I would head there regularly to check out the latest films and just generally enjoy the atmosphere of being there.

I don’t think much has changed for the cinema in those years – and I probably prefer that it had, as my tastes seem to have changed quite a bit in that time.

Also: Do bad eating habits not count in the dark - with the eyes of fellow cinema goers unable to penetrate the darkness and judge? The amazing noises of a hundred film lovers gorging themselves on sugary and salty treats seems to distract me from the experience more than I remember, but ‘when in Rome’ – so I grabbed a box of popcorn so large that it more closely resembled a backyard toddler pool than something designed to hold a single human serving of air popped cereal, and took my seat.

Anyway, now for the movie:

Passengers is said to be set in the not-too-distant-future although plenty of the technology and advancements on show are likely to be some time away yet. 

In this movie Chris Pratt stars as Jim, and Jennifer Lawrence stars as Aurora.  For the majority of the film Jim and Aurora carry the film with only a few other characters helping the plot along. 

In the beginning we find Jim asleep, along with 5300 other passengers and crew members, aboard a corporate spaceship headed to a colonise a planet so distant that it takes this super advanced spacecraft 130 years to get there.  With still 90 years of travel to go, Jim's sleep chamber malfunctions and he finds himself in the unusual and terrifying predicament of being a all alone in the middle of space.  Despite no immediate threat to his life he must face the realisation that he will live out his days without ever again enjoying any kind of human contact. 

For fear of spoiling the movie for any of you I won’t go into too much detail about what happens from here other than to say that the film is visually stunning and 100% scientifically accurate (I assume).  I have seen some other reviews question the interplay between the characters; however, I have to disagree and say that I felt it was totally believable – after all, who really knows how any of us would react and behave in such a unique situation. 

All in all, I really enjoyed this film and would even watch it again now it’s available to download.  I gave the film 4 stars, and the cinema experience 2.5.

- Luna xx

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